About The Project

The proposed project involves the demolition of an existing commercial building and the construction of a four story (plus basement) mixed-use building containing 34 Small Efficiency Dwelling Units and a commercial space. The project will have an elevator and roof deck.


Project Info


1715 12th Ave LLC


S+H Works, LLC


Johnson and Carr


DMC Special Project Group

Proposed Units



801 SF

Design Plans

Recent Updates

Street Facing Facade Development

Recent infill development uses a variety of strategies to break down the street facade, including the following:

– develop a ‘podium’ to differentiate the mixed-use components.

– use a limited palette of materials and rigorous window pattern to develop the facade.

– use a variety of materials to create the illusion of modulation.

The preferred scheme proposes the following strategies:

– provide a high quality material on the ground-level and upper stories to avoid the ‘podium’, visually connecting the building to the ground and enhancing the pedestrian experience.

– create actual modulation to provide break down the facade.

– use a simple material palette to differentiate the modulation and balance the overall composition.

– reinforce the modulation with a window palette that provides visual interest.

Privacy To North Neighbors

The north neighbor’s south facade is located 3’-8” from the property line, with bay windows within 1’-6”. Windows have been provided along the facade, although they are non-conforming.

Preferred scheme creates a large light well at the center of the building, allowing a better balance of separation & privacy.

Guidelines: CS1/B.2 (Daylight & Shading), CS2/D.1 (Existing Dev. & Zoning),

CS2/D.2 (Respect for Adjacent Sites)

Existing Conditions

The existing 1909 wood frame single family structure (converted to retail) and its garage will be removed, as well as associated driveways, porches, fencing, and other site work. The existing structures have been reviewed by the Department of Neighborhoods for landmark designation and deemed non-significant. The large Big Leaf Maple trees that hug the property line to the west will remain and be protected. The site is relatively sloped with the east side approximately 5 ft higher than the west edge. There is a stone retaining wall just beyond the west property line, where the grade drops another 9 ft to the neighboring parking lot. There is not an existing planting strip or street trees along the sidewalk, but both will be provided.

The recently completed south neighbor is built out to the property line. The north neighbor is held back from the property line. The main south facade (with windows) is 3’-8” from the property line. However, non-conforming bay windows are located within 1’-6” of the property line. These windows would not be allowed under current building code requirements.

Zoning | New Development

City of Seattle Submittal_Page_06

This area of Capitol Hill has a wide variety of zoning. The site is located within a NC3-40 zone. While the 12th ave corridor is less intensively developed than either Broadway or the Pike/ Pine corridor, it has relatively continuous commercial uses south of Denny. Retail and service businesses on the block primarily serve the local neighborhood.

The site is bordering a LR3 zone, which continues to the east and north as the neighborhood transitions from mixed-use to low-rise residential. To the south of the site is the Pike/Pine corridor, where the NC3P-65 zoning allows for more intensive commercial use.

Vicinity Analysis

City of Seattle Submittal_Page_05The proposed development is located within both the Capitol Hill Urban Center Village and the Capitol Hill Station Overlay District, and sits just north of the Pike/Pine corridor. There is an abundance of mixed-use development along 12th Ave with a wide variety of restaurants, retail and nightlife located within blocks of the site. The greater Capitol Hill area has been going through a period of steady growth as well as major public transit infrastructure improvements.

Fenestration Development

The infill development along 12th Avenue is beginning to establish a continuous street wall, and provides a rigorous window pattern. The preferred scheme utilizes simple modulation, plus a rhythmic and hierarchical fenestration palette to create visual interest and variety on the block.

Guidelines: CS2/C.2 (Mid-block Sites), CS3/A.4 (Evolving Neighborhoods),

DC2/B.1 (Facade Composition)